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> About Us

We are an online Marketplace for Books, E-book and Ebook reader.

Twenty-two years ago, we started our journey as an offline store. We have successfully run “Babamoni Book House”, a Brand name that offers the best quality in the market. We are built on faith with customers and developed for 22 years into a number of genuine customers.

Now our journey is going online. As an authorized partner of Amazon and KDP, we will provide access to the largest global market of books for readers.

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> Our vision

We will create a reader-driven platform for discovering books which will also help authors to publish their stories and readers from all around the world to connect with each other.

We sell Books, Electronics, Drawings items, and stationery goods. Our main product is for students- we sell books. These include children’s books, storybooks, textbooks, and competitive exam books.

We sell books online through our website www.babamonibookhouse.com and Amazon (US), (UK & DE) as an authorized partner of Amazon. We are also exploring the opportunity to list on other platforms too!


> Our Mission

We bridge the gap between consumers and Publishers, Authors, Writers, and Marketers.

We believe that reading is a way of life, it gives us wings! We also believe that good books are extensions of ourselves: they shape who we are as individuals, communities, and nations. As a company we want to support all the book lovers out there; as individuals, we are bookworms who believe that books can change lives.

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Our Amazing Team

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Prabir Guchait

Prabir Guchait

Creative Head


Annette Ferintor

Brand Designer

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