Best Books for Super TET Examination

When it comes to the best books for Super TET Examination preparation, there is always a lot of thinking involved. When you’ve got the ideal set of best books, taking the exam is a piece of cake.

The Super TET exam is the next step to reaching your goal as a government teacher, and now that you’ve passed the UPTET test, it’s time to tackle the Super TET examination so you can achieve your ambition.

The Uttar Pradesh Government administers Super TET, an important recruitment examination for primary and upper primary-level teachers in government schools.

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We’ve also gone over the Super TET curriculum in detail in this post. We should have a good understanding of the syllabus before purchasing or referring to the finest books. So, let’s get down to business with the greatest Super TET textbooks and the Super TET curriculum itself.

Super TET Preparation Books

1) Best book for UP Super Tet Sahayak Adhyapak

These are the Best books for Super TET Examination and best for recruits to read because it tells them everything they need to know.

Apart from this, all previous-year problems are included in the book. All 14 topics have been covered thoroughly in this publication. If you’re taking the super TET exam, you should read this book.

This book contains a practice set, and all of the questions are outlined in detail first before being presented in the objective form. This is a newly produced book, however. Furthermore, the questions will be about all of the topics discussed in this book. Hindi, English, Sanskrit, Science, Mathematics, Environment, Social Studies, Teaching Skills, Child Psychology, General Knowledge,’ Logical Knowledge,’ Information Technology,” Life Skills,’ Management and Aptitude are among the topics covered in this book. This book includes both detailed and multiple-choice questions.

UP Sahayak Adhyapak Super Tet
UP Sahayak Adhyapak Super Tet
1. Key Feature of the UP Super Tet Sahayak Adhyapak by Aggarwal Examcart
  • This book is the finest Super Tet book because it covers all of the topics.
  • In this book, we’ll go through all 14 topics in depth.
  • This book contains the full syllabus for all current questions. You may improve your speed with the aid of a practice test.

2) Super TET books in Hindi

We know that Arihant Publications is the finest publication for all competitive tests. Meanwhile, in preparation for the Uttar Pradesh Super TET examination, Arihant Prakashan has organized this book carefully. The author of this book has covered all of the topics included in the current syllabus for super TET. They’ve also supplied all previous 2018 and 2019 test questions and, to boot, more than 3000 questions have been included in this book.

You will also find 20 super tet practice sets spread throughout the book, which will come in handy for the exam. Solving all of these will improve your chances of passing the test and obtaining a high score.

UP Junior High School Sahayak Adhyapak
Arihant Prakashan Super TET
Key Feature of the Arihant Prakashan by Arihant’s Publication.
  • All of the topics covered in Super Tet’s syllabus are included in this book.
  • All of you have received the previous 2018 and 2019 examinations’ answered questions in this book.
  • Furthermore, you’ll receive 20 super Tet practice sets to help you prepare for your test.

3) Best Books General Knowledge and Current Affairs

Manorama Yearbook is a good book on the topic. It’s one of the finest books in terms of general knowledge and current events, though there are many other options. All cycles of events are recorded in this book. This book also covers recent politics during the past six months. These questions may be found on the examination as well. Based on current statistics, this work has been demonstrated to be an excellent book for all competitive exams.

This book, which covers all event cycles, is the ideal resource for the super TET. With the aid of this book, you can prepare well for the GK section.

Monorama year book
Manorama Yearbook.
Key Feature of the Manorama Yearbook.
  • This book contains all of the incidents and incident cycles that you might need.
  • This book also includes a lot of background information, as well as the most recent news coverage for the past six months.
  • This is the ideal book for Super TET, which covers all event cycles.

Best Books for Super TET Exam in a Nutshell

The following books will assist you in passing your exam on the first try. If you follow these guides, you’ll have no trouble passing your examination. These publications are packed with useful information and are regularly updated.

Super TET Examination Syllabus 2021

To pass the Super TET exam, you must be familiar with the course and test pattern. The SUPER TET EXAM is a pen-and-paper exam that takes place in an offline environment. Super TET, on the other hand, has 150 objective questions to be answered in 2.5 hours. The comprehensive Super TET examination schedule is also listed below.

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