How I Taught My Grandmother To Read

How I taught my grandmother to read ‘is a real-life story of writer.

It can be about teaching her grandmother how to do the alphabet or taking a train ride with the President of India. These are just some of the stories in this book.

A story about one of her students who did not go to school. The account of how her mother’s advice came in handy when she wanted to start a company with the money and the tale she made for her grandfather. It is a funny, spirited story that shows you how important it is to do what you believe in and have courage.

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How I Taught My Grandmother to Read and Other Stories

Do you want to teach your kids about the importance of literacy?

This is a book that will help children learn how important it is to read. It’s also a story about the relationship between a grandmother and her granddaughter. The author, Sudha Murthy, shares her experience teaching her grandmother to read in this heartwarming tale. You also check Sudha Murthy’s bunches lovely book Click Here

What is in this book ‘How I Taught My Grandmother to Read and Other Stories?

 The illustrations are beautiful and bring this story alive for readers of all ages. You can use this book as an educational tool or just enjoy reading it with your child at bedtime! Either way, you’re sure to love it!

What is the moral of the story of how I taught my grandmother to read and other stories?

The moral of the story is that you should never give up on a dream. A little girl named Sudha had a dream to teach her grandmother, who was illiterate, to read. Her grandmother thought someone as old as her couldn’t learn something so difficult like reading and writing.

She would say, “I can’t do it.   But Sudha thought she could. She was sure she could teach her grandmother to read.

Is this story based on a true incident?   

Yes, the author, Sudha Murthy, is the real person in the book ‘How I Taught My Grandmother to Read and Other Stories. Her grandmother became her student and this book is a collection of stories from her life.

Mrs. Sudha Murthy (the author) and her grandmother shared a very special relationship. She decided to share this experience with the world through this book.

The real incident happened many years ago when Sudha Murthy was a child.  She had her language of love with her grandmother who loved to tell stories even though she did not know reading or writing.

Why is this story so popular and what makes it such a popular book?

This true story that Sudha Murthy wrote for children is about her relationship with her grandmother. And in the process of teaching her to read, the author finds herself learning from her grandmother instead of just teaching.

The most important and touching thing she learns is that the key to happiness is in oneself. And that neither wealth nor power, nor possessions and relationships is central ingredients for a happy life. The moral of the story of how I taught my grandmother to read is one of self-discovery and inner growth. For readers of all ages, it is an inspiring lesson on living.

Here is a child’s picture of herself and her grandmother from the book.

The charming grandmother who was very fond of Sudha Murthy asks her to teach her to read. The little girl happily agrees. First, she teaches the letters, then the words, and finally sentences by pointing them out in a picture book. She is happy when she sees her grandmother excitedly reading the headlines of the picture papers and relishing the news reports. But she is also worried when her grandmother says that she wants to read books, too.

This is a true story about Sudha Murthy’s relationship with her grandmother. It records how as a child she teaches her grandmother to read and write and gradually becomes aware of how much her grandmother had to struggle to secure a better life for her family.

It is a visual treat with Sudha Murthy’s touching pictures in the book. The story spans several years, but remains as fresh as ever and teaches us that there are two sides of the same coin even when it comes to human relationships. The power of this remarkable story is that it encourages the reader to be aware of the changing circumstances and situations in life and also looks at a problem from different points of view.

The moral of the story of how I taught my grandmother to read, is that one can learn something from everyone. Here is a childhood picture Sudha Murthy wrote about her own story in “How I Taught My Grandmother to Read”.

Why did grandmother identify with the story?

The grandmother was illiterately identified with the lessons in the book when she saw her face and that of Sudha Murthy. She felt emotional and took the book to her heart. This is a beautiful story about how one can learn something from everyone.

This delightful read is a heart-warming account of Sutu living with her granny who is very fond of her and her in return. The young girl gets a chance to teach her granny how to read when they come across an old book with colorful pictures which makes the grandmother wonder as to what it says.

The story revolves around living together, love for each other, care for one another.

This is a book by Sudha Murty. She shares her writing career with us. We will always remember the time when she taught us about contemporary techniques, and we will cherish those memories for the rest of our lives.

This book tells a story about when Sudha Murty taught her grandmother how to read. The other stories are also good.

This book was later included in the syllabus for the 9th grade. The writing style of this author has impacted and inspired children, as well as readers of all ages.

In this book, you will find some stories about Sudha Murthy. She is a teacher and social worker. There is one story about a student who often skipped school. The story talks about the advice she got from her mother.

She saved money when she wanted to help her husband start a software company. She also told the story about her grandfather and how he wanted his promise to be fulfilled.

Sudha Murthy’s book was later added to the syllabus for 9th grade.

These stories are about being brave and doing what you think is right.


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