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Mahabharat | Krishnadwaipayan Vyas | Rajsekhar Basu

Mahabharat is the famous epic of Mahabharta contains many parts such as Mahabharata, Harivansh Puran, Bhagavad Gita and Mahaprasthan. It is a great classic book in India & all over the world. This book contains about 8000 verse among

100000 Mahabharat verse. This book is a great combination of Mahabharta & Mahaprasthan, It’s a combined edition of Mahabharata & Mahaprasthan.

Mahabharat is one of the most famous epics in world literature. Mahabharta written by Maharshi Veda Vyasa, it’s also known as Krishna Dwipayana or Krishna Dwaipayan & Mahaprasthan written by Maharshi Parashar & Mahaprasthan contains about 5000 verse among 12000 Mahaprasthan verse. Mahabharat & Mahaprasthan is a great epic in the Hindu religion & Mahabharata is also known as fifth Veda of Hindus by Maharshi Ved Vyas.

Rajshekhar Basu’s transcreation of Mahabharata by Krishna Dwaipayana, commonly known as sage Vyas Dev, is a classic in itself. Rajshekhar Basu has recreated the mythology in lucid Bengali while staying true to the facts and essence of the original saga. His main aim was to present the great Indian epic as easily comprehensible by all readers yet retaining the charm of Ved Vyasa’s wisdom. ‘Krishna Dwaipayan Vyas Krito Mahabharat’ is a keeper’s delight and a reader’s dream as we are left enchanted by the author’s rendition of the larger-than-life epic!

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Mahabharat contains various types of parva like Adi Parva, Sabha Parva, Vana Parva, Virata Parva, Udyog Parva, Bhishma Parva, Drona Parva etc. Mahabharat has 18 parva & Mahaprasthan have 5 parva. Mahabharat is the longest epic in world literature containing about ½ million words or 80000 lines according to many Mahabharat verses Mahaprasthan is the shortest epic in world literature containing about 50000 words or 70000 lines. Mahabharat & Mahaprasthan is one of the popular books among Mahabharta & Mahaprasthan Parv contains about 20000 verses. According to Mahabharata, It’s believed that Mahabharat was written by Maharshi Ved Vyas & Mahaprasthan was written by Maharshi Parashar. Mahabharat is about a great war between the family which is named Kurukshetra War & Mahaprasthan contain the last journey of Bhishmadev, Shri Krishna, Balrama, Pandavs & Kunti. Mahabharat is the compilation of great stories about the Indian Mahabharta family which contains the Mahaprasthan journey. Mahabharat contains many information about Hinduism, Ved Vyasa’s life.

Mahabharat is the book of knowledge & Mahaprasthan contain much information about Hinduism.

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