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Karnasubarna Kadi. A collection of stories based on historical background or waves of history. Various historical times and events of India are captured in these stories.


From Lakshmana Sen’s ancient Bengal to Mughal India, the ancient kingdom of Kashmir spanning medieval Central India is the backdrop of this Kahinimala. Some truth, some imagination! What happens in a story based on history? This book can also be called a collection of history love stories. Love has never obeyed the boundaries of time, it has controlled the course of history many times. Self-sacrifice, sex, hatred, revenge, and love in various forms can be seen in the pages of history. Sometimes they shine eternally in brightness, sometimes they are quietly buried in the depths of time like ancient statues.


So the characters in this book are sometimes very familiar, and sometimes completely unknown. Many of the characters in the stories are those who are not written about in history, that is, ordinary people, but they are the real driving forces of history.

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